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The Plinko slot machine, created by renowned gambling software provider BGaming, entices players with numerous benefits, such as a popular genre, user-friendly gameplay, and a high RTP for an unforgettable gaming experience. Before wagering real money at an online casino, players can freely explore the slot mechanics without registering by utilizing the demo mode. Plinko is an ideal option for real-time gambling and caters to both seasoned casino enthusiasts and newcomers. The extensive range of betting options, customizable auxiliary features, and engaging pace of the game make it captivating. Leveraging advanced technology, the game can be swiftly launched on any device.

Plinko Demo

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Play Plinko demo for free

There is no need to deposit funds at an online casino to play the popular crash game Plinko. Numerous versions of this gambling game exist, as various providers actively release their own adaptations. Most Plinko games feature a demo mode, allowing you to launch balls for free without any limitations. However, the demo mode does not yield any real winnings. Upon starting the game, you'll receive a specific amount of "funnies" (virtual currency). If you deplete your virtual currency, simply reload Plinko to resume placing bets.

Play Plinko Pin-UpPlay Plinko 1WIN

Features of the "Demo Mode" in Plinko

The gameplay in Plinko's demo mode is no different from playing for real money. First, set the bet amount and click the "PLAY" button, then wait for the ball to land in one of the wells. The higher the odds of the well, the greater your winnings. You can repeatedly click the "PLAY" button to release multiple balls one after another, creating a visually impressive effect and increasing the chances of obtaining a larger multiplier.

The Graphics and Interface

Upon starting the slot machine, a rhythmic melody plays along with a distinctive plink-plink sound as the player navigates through obstacles, giving the game its name. If the music becomes bothersome, it can be muted. The slot developer chose not to emphasize the slot's visual appeal, opting for a blue background instead. On the left side, a block displays the bet history, including the ball activation time, bet amounts, percentage payouts, and balance changes. On the right side of the slot machine, a pyramid with white lines is present, where balls roll down and land in differently colored cells based on the game's risk level. The function keys are located below the pyramid.

Control Keys

In the Plinko slot, there is a footnote labeled "Lines" to the right side of the pyramid, indicating the number of lines (ranging from 8 to 16). You can set the number of line rows yourself on the site. The primary control keys are located below the pyramid:

  • High risk
  • Normal risk
  • Low risk
  • Minimum bet amount
  • Maximum bet
  • Play
  • Manual game activation
  • Automatic

Additionally, the user's total balance can be found at the bottom right corner.

Plinko Demo BGaming


In conclusion, playing the Plinko slot in demo mode offers a risk-free opportunity to explore the game's features and mechanics without spending any real money. It allows both new and experienced players to familiarize themselves with the game and develop a strategy before committing to real-money bets.


  • Risk-free gameplay: No real money is involved, allowing you to explore the game without financial concerns.
  • Learn the mechanics: Demo mode helps players understand the game's features, functions, and betting options.
  • Develop a strategy: Players can experiment with various strategies and tactics before playing with real money.
  • Accessible to all: No registration or deposit is required to enjoy the demo mode.


  • No real winnings: The demo mode does not offer the opportunity to win real money or prizes.
  • Limited virtual currency: Players may need to reload the game if they run out of the virtual currency provided in demo mode.
  • Less exciting: The lack of real-money stakes may reduce the excitement level for some players.
  • Time-consuming: Extensive time spent in demo mode may delay the transition to real-money gameplay.
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FAQ about game Plinko Demo

What is the Plinko Demo mode?

The Plinko Demo mode is a free version of the Plinko slot game, allowing players to experience the gameplay and features without risking any real money. It serves as a practice tool for players to learn the game mechanics and develop strategies before playing with real money.

How do I access the Plinko Demo mode?

To access the Plinko Demo mode, visit an online casino that offers the Plinko slot game and look for the "Demo" or "Play for Free" option. No registration or deposit is typically required to play in demo mode.

Can I win real money in the Plinko Demo mode?

No, you cannot win real money while playing in the Plinko Demo mode. It uses virtual currency for gameplay, which cannot be converted to real money or withdrawn. To play for real money, you need to create an account at one of the online casinos.

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